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"Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don't" - Heatstroke Hotel Surf Team

An island-inspired surf/art lifestyle and apparel label featuring "Too Hot to Handle" goods, created by artists and surfers in pursuit of the good life.

Endless Summers and Sweltering Scooter rides

To the pursuit of the good life—one that's filled
with moments of curiosity, creativity, and adventure.

Join the Heatstroke Hotel community, where every product is a reminder to embrace the warmth, the thrill, and the essence of living life to the fullest.

Postcards from Heatstroke Hotel

  1. Behind the scenes of Gone Tropo!

    Behind the scenes of our inaugural Heatstroke Hotel Collection: Gone Tropo! series It sure was hot that day!   Shot in Bali, Indonesia by Ke...
  2. Postcards from Sumatra (B&W)

    The stars definitely aligned for this one. Heatstroke Hotel and Not Local NYC Team members met up halfway across the world for an epic swell season...
  3. Staff Wipeouts

    You win some, you lose some.

    Sometimes you lose more than you win but that's ok.

    A fun surf trip to Sumatra with the Heatstroke Hotel and Not Local crew.

    Video by Geoff Fortune. Buy his prints here!