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The Origins of...

Just before the world went into lockdown, Yok & Sheryo found themselves shipwrecked on a very sweaty tropical island… out in the surf getting heatstroked and looking back on their best memories from their travels, birthed “Yeahnahnesia” and “Heatstroke Hotel”.


Mantras we live by:

"It’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then."

"Go with your gut"

"Be nice and kind to everyone!"

"Live simply"


    What is Heatstroke Hotel?

    Heatstroke hotel is the only (very questionable 5-star) accommodation option on the lost island of Yeahnahnesia. Things are sweaty here in the establishment, moonshine cocktails here are served without ice and only fan rooms are available.

    The concept was inspired by the duo’s travels into the dark sweltering corners of the tropics, particularly by their discovery of a spectacular semi-abandoned hotel in Sri Lanka (which they promptly painted).


    What is Yeahnahnesia?

    “Yeahnahnesia” is a mysterious island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

    An extension of Yok & Sheryo’s imaginary world, a top-secret mysterious tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean with amazing views and killer surf, with its own language, religion, culture, flora and fauna. Tales of mythology, strange beings and creatures roam this lush tropical landscape. A unique blend of cultural syncretism is brought to life visually into a cacophony of irreverent, riotous mixed-media paintings, murals and sculptures.


    Who is Yok & Sheryo?

    Yok & Sheryo are 2 drongos who are into art, surf, and drinking coldies on the beach. 

    Check out their work here.

    Geoff Fortune is the official photographer for Heatstroke Hotel & Yeahnahnesia.

    Photos by Gfort