Island of Yeahnahnesia: Vol 1 by Yok & Sheryo

Yeahnahnesia Book Cover

Island of Yeahnahnesia: Vol 1 by Yok & Sheryo

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Heatstroke Hotel is the only accommodation on the Island of Yeahnahnesia.... yeah yeah yeah you've all heard this before...

But where the hell is Yeahnahnesia? What is this place? Why haven't you heard about it before? Why isn't it on google maps?

If these are just some of the sordid BURNING questions that have been keeping you up at night, you SHOULD definitely buy this book to find out.

Also included in this book are photos from their recent show (still ongoing till Apr 26!)  featuring the "Temple of Frivolous Wishes"  at AGWA, Art Gallery Western Australia, Perth.

If the book sucks, let Yok & Sheryo know because they worked really hard on it.

  • This book is currently on pre-order status and will arrive April 1st
  • Edition of 800, 17cm x 24.5cm, 120 pages
  • 120gsm paper, fabric bound book with gold foil
  • Comes with postcards and stickers! (only available when you order online here)
  • Co-published with Art Gallery Western Australia and supported by Dept. of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Australia
  • Designed by Michael Norman, edited by Isobel Wise




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